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Friday, February 5, 2010

Blood Boiler

Rascal #2 made my blood boil yesterday morning. I was in the wet kitchen when she walked in. When I went out to the dry kitchen, I told her to close the mozzie netting door, to which she replied me rudely with furrowed eyebrows and a pissed off glare: "Huh!! Why always ask ME to do things? You think what, you think I'm your assistant ah?" This is not the first time she answered me or my mil or my mum or other adults rudely. I gave her a good piece of my mind and told hubs about it later. Hubs then chided her off and told her to apologize to me, to which she cried and ran to me saying sorry and hugging my legs. Lately, whenever I ask her to pick up her toys or anything that she had messed up with, she will answer me rudely and give tons of excuses to shirk responsiblity or ownership.

I wonder what has become of my #2, who used to be so sweet and lovable. Is the arrival of Baby C to be blamed for her transformation into a little monster? Or is this just her inborn character? Or is it simply because she is a middle child and this is just plain middle-child syndrome? Many of my friends tell me that this fler has 'character' and a strong personality. I don't know, I just hope that she will not transform into a wayward, problematic teenager and adult.
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