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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cantonese Style Pasta

My 2 older love eating yee mein or yee mee or yee fu mein (deep fried noodles made of eggs and flour). If I buy yee mein, I will either cook it Cantonese style, ie. with egg sauce poured over the the crispy noodles or Hokkien style.

The other day, I prepared the yee mee ala Cantonese style for lunch. First I prepared the sauce. The ingredients used were chicken breast, cabbage, 3 eggs, some left over smoked salmon, soy sauce, some corn flour to thicken the sauce and a dollop of thick dark sauce. Here is how it looks like in the wok:

I ran out of corn flour, so the sauce was not thick enough.

At the same time in another stove, I boiled some Heinz alphabet and number pasta with some cubed carrots for Baby. This portion is enough for lunch, dinner and deep freezing:

Before adding the dark sauce and remaining soy sauce into the sauce/ingredients, I scooped up some of them from the wok and poured in on Baby's pasta. I don't like putting too much seasoning into Baby's food. Here's how Baby's pasta looks like:

When it has cooled down, I put it into containers for deep freezing:

And this is for the 2 older gals:
I seldom buy yee mee for the gals as I feel uncomfortable with one of the ingredients called 'ash' used to make the noodles. I wonder what ash is. Could it be the remains of fire or some kind of chemicals that makes the noodles so tasty? I wish someone could give me an answer on this.

Baby enjoying her Cantonese style pasta.

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