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Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Career In Firefighting

Alycia’s ambition seems to be changing all the time. Sometimes she tells me that she wants to be a chef or an artist when she grows up, at times, she says she wants to be like Handy Mandy (a carpenter!!). Lately she told me that she wants to be a doctor and boy, was I pleased to hear that :D At one time, she kept telling me that she wants to be a firefighter. I kid you not, she was so adamant that being a firefighter is the job for her. I told her that a firefighter is not what a woman should be but she told me that she had seen female firefighters on TV!

Did you know that these days, firefighters are more than just someone who puts out a fire? There are Fire Service degrees offered by online universities these days. This fire service degree teaches you the creative, critical, and transformational thinking strategies necessary to manage any situation with confidence.
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