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Monday, February 8, 2010

Clean & Cool Green Tea

I got a surprise yesterday morning when the delivery man from a courier company called me to inform me that my Clean & Cool green tea had arrived. I did not know that they even work on Sundays. I then told my maid to go down to collect the package but my maid came up again asking for a trolley. I got a bigger surprise when I saw not only 3 bottles of green tea but 3 big boxes of Clean & Cool (C2) green tea. Now, that was really cool!!

Rascal #2 and #3 quickly helped me rip open the boxes and removed the bottles of drinks from the boxes. I could not wait to try all the flavors.

The C2 green tea comes in 3 refreshing flavors - lemon, apple and forest fruits. Rascal #2 quickly grabbed a bottle of the lemon flavored C2 green tea while I tasted all the 3 bottles immediately. The lemon one tastes like ice-lemon tea, the apple one tastes like apple juice and the forest fruits tastes like Ribena. The C2 green tea tastes even better when chilled or drank with ice cubes.

What I like about the C2 green tea is that they come in a cute convenient 350ml resealable PET bottle, which enables you to conveniently drink your green tea on the go. Rascal #2 even brought her bottle of lemon C2 green tea along with her when we went out for lunch yesterday.

Clean & Cool (C2) has all the goodness of natural green tea leaves of Camellia Sinensis variety which are known to contain Catechins. C2 is brewed and bottled on the same day to preserve the freshness and flavor of green tea. It is non-carbonated and ready-to-drink with a cool and clean taste. It is definitely a healthier alternative to carbonated drinks.

The 3 boxes of C2 green tea arrived at just the right time as the hubs now no longer has to buy soft drinks and packet drinks for CNY. Our guests will now be able to drink chilled refreshing flavored green tea!

C2 green tea is now available at Jaya Jusco, Mydin, Giant, 7-11 convenient stores or your nearest mini market. Go get a bottle to try today!
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