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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How Do You Explain The Dreaded Question To Your Child?

I didn't tell her about the birds and bees. I told her "you'll learn all about these in school when your teacher teaches you Science" hahahah!

Alycia finally asked me the dreaded question several days ago when she overheard me talking to hubs about it. Don't jump to conclusion, we weren't talking sexy or anything intimate ok. We're too old for that lol!! I was telling hubs that I read in the newspapers about how great our fertility specialist was (the doctor who helped us get Alycia via IUI). This doctor helped a woman conceive via IVF by implanting an embryo that's frozen for 10 years into her uterus!! Now, the baby girl is 1 year old. This case was recorded in the Malaysia's Book Of Record recently.

Back to Alycia. This was our conversation in the car:

A - mummy, what did you tell daddy?

Me - oh, I asked him what we should eat later. (I knew she'll grill me until she got the answer from me!)

A - No, what did you say about the doctor who made me?

Me - Oh, this doctor helped a woman get a baby by putting a 10-year old frozen egg (embryo) into her. Something like how he helped mummy get you.

A - How to put the egg inside?

Me - put into a syringe and inject inside.

A - Inject where?

Me - Inject inside stomach.

A - How to inject inside?

Me - through the pet pet (more refined way of referring to the down under to a young kid)

A - what did the doctor inject inside?

Me - you ask daddy.

A - daddy, what did the doctor inject inside mummy?

Daddy - SPERM.

A - what is sperm mummy? How to get sperm?

Me - next time you will learn in school when your teacher teaches you Science ok?

How do you explain this to your young child?
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