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Friday, February 12, 2010

She Made My Day

Baby made me burst out in a guffaw a few days ago and really made my day when she did this. You see, Baby did something that made Alycia really, really upset. Alycia was so upset that she kept scolding Baby. Baby was shocked initially but after several seconds of looking stunned (coz Alycia is normally very patient with Baby), she nonchalantly began clapping her hands as if nothing had happened.... and then to my surprise, she began to sing the nursery rhyme "oh where, oh gone.." and hummed the tune of "Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone"! Oh gawd, she is becoming more and more like rascal #2 (when she was around Baby's age) who used to sing and act cool when I scolded her.

I must say I am proud of Baby as she seems to be musically inclined and can memorize the tunes and lyrics of nursery rhymes quite well though she is not even 2 yo yet.

Looks like Baby's gonna be another junkie lover!
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