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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby @ Day 6

That's baby at day 6. Brought her to the paed yesterday to have her Jaundice reviewed. She had very mild Jaundice 4 days after her birth. Thankfully, the Jaundice has now subsided even without exposure to the sun. Baby weighed 2.75kg at birth and yesterday she weighed 3kg, despite her passing motion so many times in a day. She also has a small white dot on her ear, which the paed said is a virus thing and he prescribed her with an antibiotics cream. Baby is sleeping throughout the day and everyone has been telling me that this is the best period since baby sleeps all the time and does not bother us much.

Baby wearing Alycia cheh cheh's old Pumpkin Patch onesie, which really looked oversize on her.

I had initially wanted to name her Callista but hubby does not like this name, sigh...... So now, we gotta scratch our heads and think of another English name for her.

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