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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Confinement Food

That's what I had for lunch yesterday - 'chue keok choa' or black vinegar pigs' trotters with hard boiled chicken eggs and hard boiled ducks eggs. Also had brocolli and a herbal soup.... one big pot that is.... for the whole day!

My appetite is the worse this confinement. Maybe that's because of my inflammed guts. This confinement is also the least like a proper confinement for me as I have broken every rule there is in a confinement. I was treated like a princess during my 1st confinement after the birth of Alycia. I ate in my room and had a very good CL. My 2nd confinement was also satisfactory. With 2 older kids now, I find it really hard to get rest during the day. My CL is also a pain in the neck and would not help me much. Talking and writing about her make my blood boil.
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