Health Freak Mommy: Do You Love Or Loathe Your Confinement?


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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Do You Love Or Loathe Your Confinement?

I don't know about you but I just hate this confinement. Some of my friends absolutely love their confinement, especially the food. I love the food too but because of my inflammed guts, I have eaten none of the confinement food. The only thing that keeps me motivated and happy during this confinement is my baby. I can never get enough gazing at her sweet face.

I am so sick of being in confinement and having to face my confinement lady who is such a pain in my neck. I am counting down to the days when I can finally bid her farewell and send her back. After my one month confinement, the first few things that I want to do are to go shopping, eat sashimi, eat crabs and surf the internet to look for some Hilton Head rentals for a nice Hilton Head Island vacation. It’s been aeons since I last went for an island vacation. I have been told that Hilton Head Island is the perfect island getaway and is one of the world’s most family-friendly vacation destinations. Three more weeks to go and I can have my freedom back!
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