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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Flower Pasta

While Alycia is a classic 'fan toong' (one who loves eating rice), Sherilyn does not fancy rice but loves noodles and pastas. Alycia's eyes will lit up when she sees rice, meat, eggs and vegetables on the dining table while Sherilyn will put on a 'foo kwah meen' (bitter gourd face and sulky look). So to please both gals, I normally cook rice for Alycia and noodles or pasta or simply sandwiches for Sherilyn.

This is what I cooked for Sherilyn yesterday - Organic mini flower pasta with organic 'yau mark tarm' vege and stir-fried fish paste with garlic, onions and MSG-free oyster sauce. She loved it and licked the bowl clean!
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