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Monday, April 28, 2008

How I Love My Urut Session

I just had a session of urut (massage in Malay). Woot.... it really felt so good. As the urut lady was putting the 'tungku' (hot stone) on my belly, I could feel the trapped wind in my tummy rumble and then making its way out.... from the top and bottom! Phew, felt so good as the wind was being released. The urut lady seemed very experienced and could even tell that I still had some blood clots in my body by touching my tummy (which is true as the ultrasound scan last week showed some blood clots between my womb and the bladder). The hot stone is supposed to induce the blood clots out and to expel the wind. She charged me RM70 for a 1.5 hour session and I have booked her for 5 sessions. I can't wait for her to come again for my next urut session on Thursday.
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