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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Am So So Sick Of My CL

I am so so sick of this confinement. I am so so sick of my CL who is such a pain in my ass and neck. Everything she does is so wrong, unethical and unhygienic. The thing that I can't stand most about her is that she does not wash her hands after washing baby's poopie bum, despite me telling her to do so. I even gave her a pack of wet wipes for convenience sake to wipe her hands but that old lady just couldn't be bothered. Last night Baby C kept sneezing and then she puked everything out after I nursed her. I did not even blame her but she was so defensive of herself (as if I will blame her for bb sneezing and puking) and kept defending herself by yakking and yakking and yakking away till almost midnight. Even after I had turned off the lights to sleep, that old lady was still yakking away in her room (which is adjoining to mine) and came into my room to wake me up to talk c*ck. Boy, she really makes me want to explode as if my baby blues are not enough to kill me. Also last night, she just left the baby with me and then she had a good night's sleep until 7am, till I woke her up to clean baby's bum. Can you beat that?

I suspect it's her stupid method of wiping baby in the evening which made bb feeling a tad under the weather. Many times, she had forgotten to wipe Baby C until I reminded her at around 7pm. And when she wiped Baby C, she left the fan blowing at full blast until I saw it and turned it off. This old lady is also as stubborn as an ass. Who is she to choose what baby is to wear to sleep at night? For her convenience sake, she vehemently refused to let Baby C wear long rompers to sleep at night. Her lame excuse is that it is hard for her to see the buttons at night. So she let Baby C wear short sleeved onesie and wrapped her up in a nappy. When I commented about it, she put on a long sleeve pjs over the short sleeved onesie..... Baby C was sweating in the 2 layers of clothes and 1 layer of tight bundling in the nappy.

This old lady is so damn lazy that she is even lazy to wear her eye glasses. She can't really see well without her glasses and many times Baby C's bum still has poop on it because she can't see properly. In the end who suffers? Me.... coz I have to stand next to her and tell her what to do and tell her which part still has poop. Sometimes I even wipe baby's bum myself. Once, she even spilled gravy all over me because she can't see well without her glasses! Hiring her is really one of my biggest mistakes.

You know how she double boils chicken essence? She pours my unfinished red dates water into the chicken essence!! Which makes me suspicious that she had finished my chicken essence and then poured in the unfinished overnight red dates water to it. Oh my goodness, I am so so stressed up with that sickening old lady. 10 more days, 10 more days to go before I can send her off!! And I have to pay her RM100 a day! Makes me so sick thinking of her now. Forgive me Lord for bad mouthing her but I really can't tolerate her anymore. I hope I won't go into depression because of her. I can only blame myself for making a wrong decision for hiring her and not firing her in the first place.
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