Health Freak Mommy: I Can't Believe I've Not Gone Back For Almost A Year


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Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Can't Believe I've Not Gone Back For Almost A Year

I just realized that I have not gone back to my hometown in Ipoh for almost a year. Apart from my pregnancy, another reason why I have not been going back to Ipoh is because I have been too busy with my paid posts last year that I did not have time to leave for a few days. I don’t own a laptop and the laptop that my mum has in Ipoh is an old one. This old junk is extremely slow in loading and I have asked my mum to get a laptop memory upgrade, otherwise it is quite impossible for me to blog and to grab offers. I better remind my brother to help my mum get a laptop memory upgrade soon as I plan to bring the 3 kids back to Ipoh for a holiday next month. I really do miss Ipoh, especially the food and I can’t wait for our next trip back.
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