Health Freak Mommy: I Need To Get Rid Of My Spare Tyre


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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Need To Get Rid Of My Spare Tyre

After I delivered Alycia 4 years ago, my tummy was flat even on the first day post c-section. I was up and running and feeling really energetic. With Sherilyn, my tummy was still quite flat after the c-section but the wound was still painful and I couldn’t walk much. With this recent c-section, I was aghast when I looked at my tummy after the c-section. Gosh, I looked like I was still 4-5 months pregnant! Alycia kept asking me why my tummy is still so big. I just can’t wait for 2 months to pass by so that I can start exercising again and get rid of the unsightly ‘spare tyre’. I would probably need an elliptical at home to help me keep fit and trim. I just can’t bear to see my figure go out of proportion!
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