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Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Baby Monitor

I have been wanting to buy a new baby monitor to place in the kids' room at night so that I can monitor and hear Sherilyn when she cries and pukes. Hubby finally got a new Chicco baby monitor 2 weeks ago.

A few nights ago, I left Baby C alone in the room upstairs for a few minutes. Before I went downstairs, I turned on the baby monitor. When my CL went into the room, she fed Baby C with formula milk. When I went upstairs, I asked her why she fed the baby with formula and she lied to me that the baby was crying. I then told her that I did not hear the baby's cries donwstairs as the monitor was turned on. She was really taken aback and asked me what the gadget was and I told her it's a monitor to trace baby's cries. She was shocked and did not say a word.

My instruction to her was that I will breastfeed Baby C before going to bed and that she is to bring Baby C to me throughout the night for nursing when she cries. But that lady wanted to have a good night's sleep and fed Baby C with formula. What a pain in the neck that lady brings me everyday!
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