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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Our Saturday

Today I was home with the gals without the maid until the afternoon. My mil had gone to the market with our maid and hub's aunty early in the morning. On their way back, they met with a car accident on Federal Highway. Hub's aunty's car was sandwiched between a long trailer and another car and her car was quite badly wrecked. Thank God, no one was hurt in the accident.

My mil was supposed to bring food back from the market but because of the accident, they had to be at the police station. So I had to keep the laundry, hang the laundry, wash the dishes after breakfast and prepare lunch too, while entertaining my 2 brats. I entertained them with some new washable Crayola magic colors and coloring book. That managed to keep them occupied for 1/2 hour. In between, they were fighting for the tiara headband that Sher was wearing and the tiara broke. All hell broke loose and Sher was wailing away and I had to step in to placate her.

When I was in the toilet, my 2 brats went upstairs and ransacked the cupboard that I keep all their new toys, books, pencils, etc. Alycia now knows how to open the child safety gate at the stairs and whenever she goes up, Sher will follow suit. After ransacking the cupboard, they ransacked the fridge and took cheese out to eat. Then they ransacked the kitchen cabinet to bring out bowls to put their cheese. I could hear the clinking sounds of ceramic and glass plates and I was worried that they might break the plates. I was like a mad woman hollering away in the toilet while I did my poopie business but the 2 'rats' were deaf to my hollering as they were having a whale of a time when the 'cat' was away. I was fuming mad when I came out from the toilet and used the cane to threaten them that should this happen again, they will get whacked.

While I was busy preparing lunch for them in the kitchen, Sherilyn climbed on the door of the wooden TV rack and all of a sudden, I heard a loud bang..... thankfully I did not hear cries, phew! I rushed out of the kitchen and saw the door of the TV rack on the floor. The sides were cracked and I stepped on some screws. I did not cane her as I knew she had wanted to get a VCD by stepping on the TV rack door to reach the rack but her body weight gave way. Sher was obviously very scared that she would get the cane but I just frightened her a little and told her that she will get spanking from daddy when he's home. Of course when daddy was home, he did not spank her!

The ruined wooden TV rack with the door yanked out. Looks like we have to get a new TV rack soon.

What a Saturday for us!
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