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Monday, April 21, 2008

Soya Sauce Freak

Sherilyn is a soya sauce freak. She wouldn't eat her eggs and fish without soya sauce. That's the reason why I only buy organic soya sauce and MSG-free & preservative-free soya sauce.

Sherilyn is always the last to finish her meals. She can take up to 2 hours to finish a single meal. We were all busy several days ago and left her alone at the dining table for about 10 minutes. She was still nibbling on her fried vermicelli. My maid had forgotten to place the bottle of soya sauce back into the fridge. When she came in to the dining area from the kitchen, she was shocked to see Sherilyn scooping up the soya sauce from her bowl to drink! My maid shouted out to Sherilyn to stop drinking the soya sauce. We were both aghast to see her bowl full of soya sauce and the bottle of of soya sauce was empty!! I quickly force her to gulp down a glass of water and warned her never to do it again but knowing my willful child, I know there's bound to be a second incident. The moral of the lesson for me is never leave the bottle of soya sauce or anything for that matter on the dining table alone with this brat!
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