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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting Poked In The Butt

Remember my earlier post on one damn funny experience I encountered at our paed's office with rascal #2?

We were at the paed's office again last week for Sherilyn's booster DTP, Polio & HiB jab and for Baby's Chicken Pox jab. This time, I remembered to bring along my working tool and managed to snap a pic of the doctor when he poked Sherilyn's butt. This time round, no rattle was used to distract Sherilyn LOL!! And I was surprised that rascal #2 had finally overcome her fear of needles. She did not budge or make any sound when she was poked in the butt. She was very, very brave indeed and told me that she did not feel any pain! Baby cried for a few seconds when she was poked but stopped when the dr. gave her some Honey Stars. Baby seems to like this dr. very much and can remember him very well. At the mention of Dr E, she will say "tar" (star, meaning Honey Star) and this dr. has successfully won her heart with the Honey Stars he gives as reward.

BTW, this isn't the nurse who shoke the rattle at Sherilyn previously.
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