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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Damn Funny Experience

I have to put this in record here as this blog is a journal for my 3 gals. For those of you who have read this in Facebook, have another laugh again.

About a month ago, I brought Baby and rascal #2 to the paed's office for their vaccinations. Rascal #2 may look tough, daring and bold, but she is a real scardy cat when it comes to needles. When it was her turn to be poked in the butt, she clung on to daddy like a koala bear.... her front was facing daddy's front with her 2 legs clawed round daddy's fat fat belly... and 2 joker nurses went behind daddy, brought out a, a, a.... RATTLE (meant for infants!!!) and started to shake the rattle. OMG, as I am typing this, I am chukling to myself again. Each time I think of the 2 damn farny nurses, I will chuckle again. For Pete's sake, Sherilyn is 5 years old lar, not 5 months old lar, even Baby wouldn't be distracted by the rattle lar, ROTL. And you know, the 2 damn farny nurses were so serious when they shoke the rattle, a face devoid of a smile... as if they were robots. I know, they do this thousands of times in a day, but, but, aiyoh, come on, look at the child first (to see how old she/he is) before fishing the rattle out and shaking it and SMILE please or make some funny faces. I had a real good hearty laugh at the nurses in the clinic. I just could not help but burst out laughing real loud when I saw the nurses shaking the rattle in front of Sherilyn MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

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