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Friday, March 14, 2008

Alycia Can Write Her Name

Finally Alycia can spell and write her own name but she seems to write the letter 'c' and 'a' the other way round. She also writes the number 8 in a very funny way, i.e. first she draws a circle, then she draws a bigger circle right below the smaller circle. No matter how many times I have held her hand to guide her to write it the correct way, she would still revert back to her own way of writing it. However, yesterday she finally managed to write the number 8 correctly, in the correct order of stroke. Alycia has been practising her writing skills everyday, on her own without being told. I was overjoyed when she ran to me yesterday and said "mummy, I can write 8 already!" So practice indeed makes perfect!

Look at the letter 'c' and 'a' - they are written 'terbalik' and I have to hold her hand to write them in the correct way.
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