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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another Day Of Puking For Alycia

Today is another day of puking for Alycia. Our paed said that the puking is caused by the high body temperature. Alycia did not have much food in her tummy yesterday and today as most of the food came out right away after going in. All that she could stomach today was a piece of cream crackers and a tiny croissant.... which luckily remained inside without coming out. She puked twice yesterday and thrice today. She puked so hard that tiny red blood spots appeared on her neck and cheeks like this :

Alycia's lips were also crimson red as if she had applied red lipstick and her cheeks were also flushed. She felt so weak after the puking sessions that she could only half open her eyes and slept most of the time. She also complaint of tummy ache the whole morning and sat on the throne for almost an hour in pain.

Sherilyn who is still having fever is just as active and mischievous as ever. Even when her body temperature was at 38 degrees Celcius, she was still jumping around like a monkey and kept asking me endless questions. Look at her cheeky smile here.

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