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Monday, March 10, 2008

Black Cloud Hanging Upon Us

The black cloud has been hanging on our family lately. Today, hubby met with an accident after his appointment with his client in PJ. A man in another car who despite saw hubby's MPV coming, made a quick U-turn but stepped on his brake all of a sudden when he saw another on-coming car. Hubby could not brake on time and crashed onto the car. The front of hubby's MPV was badly wrecked, so is the other party's car. It so happens that the other party is a driving instructor and invigilator! Now we are left with no car and hubby has to borrow a friend's car. He may even have to rent an MPV until his own MPV is fixed. What a bummer right? This is hubby's first major car accident in his 20 years of driving as he has always always been quite an adept driver. Our only consolation is that hubby is unscathed in the accident, though he will have to burn a big hole in his wallet if he rents a car.
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