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Monday, March 17, 2008

Computer Class

Today is the first day of school for the second term for all school kids. Today is also the first day of Alycia's computer enrichment class. For this optional subject, parents are charged RM60 per month, which makes Alycia's pre-school fees close to RM400 per month (extra Mandarin and Computer classes). Kids and pre-schools are really competitive these days. Most pre-schools are now having computer classes for their 4-year olds. Some pre-schools even have additional music, cooking and drama & speech classes too. If parents were to send their child to all the additional classes, school fees per month will be really costly. Imagine parents with more than 2 kids..... they would have to fork out close to RM2k or even more per month just on their pre-schoolers' school fees, enrichment classes and other extra curricular activities outside of school. That is going to cause both the parents and the kids lots of stress.... and this seems to be the norm these days.
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