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Friday, March 28, 2008

Forbidden Food

What are the food forbidden to be eaten by an expecting woman? Don't know if it's just a myth or a fact, some of the food forbidden are raw pineapple, tea, starfruits, watermelon, papaya, basically anything that is considered too 'leong' (literally means cooling) for the body, lamb, crabs and the list goes. I have friends who ate these food almost everyday (especially Malays) yet they did not face any problems during their pregnancy and went on to deliver healthy babies. Since the Chinese forbide, I just abided and did not touch these food during the first 3 months or so of my pregnancies.

Last week, we had high-tea at Paya Serai Coffee House @ PJ Hilton. Since I'm about to deliver, I indulged in my favorite food, food that I haven't touched for months and geez, it feels good to be able to taste them finally, albeit I only ate them moderately.

Putumayam - I was already craving to eat this when I saw it at ChumsyAshley's blog.

Ooooh, my all-time favorite Sarawak pineapple..... tasted sooooo sweet and refreshing.

Starfruit juice and teh tarik.

Also ate assam laksa and sour mango (from the rojak counter).

Hubby was looking at me with sharp sideway glance and shaking his head as I ate these forbidden food, haha.....

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