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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just What's She Thinking About?

I just don't understand how some maids think sometimes. Yesterday, I asked my maid to put the old newborn baby clothes into the washing machine. When I checked the machine half way through the cycle, I found out that she had put a pair of dirty kitchen gloves and a piece of cloth which she wipes the dirty and oily counter top in the wet kitchen inside the load of baby clothes, together with hubby's stinky and sweaty sports socks! Maybe it's partly my fault that I did not tell her to wash the baby clothes separately from adults' clothes but putting in dirty cloth that she uses to wipe away chicken blood and oily counter tops in the wet kitchen? That's just no common sense. Moreover, she normally washes these cloths in a separate load in the evenings - all the bath mats and cloths that she uses to wipe the floor and tables. When I asked her why she had put the piece of dirty cloth and gloves into the washing machine together with the baby clothes, she just gave me a smile, coz she could not give me a reasonable explanation. I told her never to do it again and re-washed the load of clothes again. I think I should perform my spot checks on the washing machine during the wash cycle.
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