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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Last Few Weeks Of Pregnancy

I have an appointment with my gynecologist for a check-up tomorrow. I have made a mental note to inform him that I would like to change the c-section day from a Friday to a Wednesday. Since my gynecologist is charging a few hundred bucks extra for c-sections on Fridays, I might as well change it to a Wednesday and save the money. Initially, I chose Friday so that it will be more convenient for hubby and the kids to visit me in the hospital during the weekend. I hope my gynecologist will not perform a cervical check on me tomorrow. I just hate this part of the routine check-up during the last couple of weeks of the pregnancy, where he has to put on a pair of rubber exam gloves and stick his hand into my cervix to check if it has softened. I am sure any woman who had gone through a pregnancy would agree with me how disgusting and uncomfortable this feels.
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