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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Miss Pukey Sherilyn

Sherilyn puked again last night, the second time in 3 days, due to the irritation on her throat by the cough and phlegm.

I now have a bucket each in my room and in the gals' room. This comes in handy when Sherilyn needs to puke. However, I have to be real quick to grab the bucket, pull Sherilyn up and sit her in an upright position , otherwise she will puke on herself and on the mattress.

These days, I have to sleep with a bucket next to me..... all well-prepared, just in case Sherilyn pukes in the middle of the night.

Each time after Sherilyn pukes and messes up her mattress, she gets to sleep with us on our king-sized bed...

and Alycia has to sleep in her old baby cot in our room.
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