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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Cinderella Curfew Hour

Is it a coincidence or what but by 12 midnight on most nights, Sherilyn will start to cry and if I am not quick enough to placate her and put her back to sleep, she will puke. It has happened many times and it happened again last night at 12 midnight. These days, I don't have much time to blog during the day. First, I have to take care of 2 sick cats at home. Secondly, I have to supervise and train my new temp maid. Thirdly, Alycia's homework from school is also taking up a lot of my time as I have to sit next to her and guide her. The only time I can blog is the 1 or 2 hours during the gals' naptime in the afternoon and after they go to bed at night.

Last night, I came downstairs to blog at around 11pm. By 12 midnight, I still did not hear Sherilyn's cries. Since she wasn't feeling well, I thought I should just go upstairs to check on her. Minutes later when I was up in my room, I heard the bell on Sherilyn's anklet jingling away as she walked to my room. I looked at her face - she wasn't crying, good..... but when I looked at her pjs, OMG, it was soaked with her vomit. I rushed to her room and her bed was soaked with vomit too. I quickly woke my maid up to help me clean up the mess. I quickly showered Sherilyn as her hair and body were covered with vomit. The bedsheet, pillow, blanket and mattress were also soaked with vomit. After cleaning up the mess, I transferred the gals to my room to sleep. Alycia slept on the baby cot and Sherilyn slept with us on the king size bed.

Don't you think this is like a jinx or some kind or Cinderella curfew hour restricted on me? The funny part is it always happens at 12 midnight. If I don't get up to the gals' room to check on Sherilyn by 12 midnight, she will cry till she puked or she will just puke in her sleep without any crying. This brat is really a control freak. None of us like to see her cry for she will definitely puke when she cries.... which means more work for us. So we normally give in to her demands when she cries. Of course there were times when I just don't care and let her cry till she puked. Do you have a child as controlling as my brat?
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