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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Avenue To Earn Revenue

I was blog hopping a moment ago and stumbled upon a new advertising network called Snapbomb, a network that connects advertisers with bloggers. The advertisers at Snapbomb give bloggers the opportunity to write about the things that they love and pay them for their efforts and opinions. Snapbomb is about blog marketing and buzz marketing. They believe that buzz marketing is the strongest form of advertising in existence today.

You can register your blog (or blogs) at Snapbomb and begin to select opportunities right away. However, some opportunities will not be available to you if they don't match your blog. Each blog post must contain a minimum of 150 words and advertisers will be rating your posts. Therefore, quality and quantity are essential. Your blog will be valued based on its popularity, quality, expertise in a field, audience size and feedback from your posts. How much you will get paid for your post is based on your blog value. I have just signed up and I can’t wait to see how much my blog is worth. Hurry up and sign up now to see how much your blog is worth too.
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