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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Old Maid's Out, New Temp Maid's In

The final straw came today. Despite a counselling session 2 days ago by the maid agent and another counselling session by me yesterday, my Cambodian maid still did not bother to take the effort to change. To read my long story and to find out why I had sent her back impromptu today, click here.

Anyway, my new temp Indon maid appears more efficient, 'seng moke' (alert) and works much faster than the Cambodian maid. Hopefully she will continue to remain good and not just for the first few days to impress me. One downside is that she speaks no English or maybe just a smattering of English which may render it extremely difficult for my 2 gals to communicate with her. My gals were so excited to see the new maid and Sherilyn did not reject her when being fed by her, unlike the Cambodian maid. Alycia who seems to want to take advantage of the maid quickly made friends with the maid and held her hand when they went upstairs. Of course Alycia has an ulterior motive, which is to ask the new kakak to carry her. But I put my foot down and told the maid not to carry her.

I will be really busy training this maid for the next few days and will have very little time to blog. So if I haven't visited your blog yet, my apologies. More stories to come....
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