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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Registration In Primary School

It was a tough decision for me - to send Aly to a Chinese school or to a kebangsaan school? I was all the while more gamed towards a kebangsaan school as I didn't want Aly to go through the stress of studying in a Chinese school. Moreover, I had wanted Aly to study in a school which is located just minutes away from our house which would be very convenient for us to bring her to school and pick her up. If Aly is accepted into this Chinese school that  hubby really wanted her to get into, she would have to wake up really early in future to get ready for school. The traffic jam on the one-way road leading to this school is horrendous and parents are now spending between 2-3 hours a day chauffering their kids to and from school.

Hubby has been very steadfast in his decision to send Aly and Sher to a Chinese school. He said he will do all the chauffering of the kids in future. So on Tuesday, he went to that Chinese school and registered Aly there. He didn't have to wait for long as it was the school holidays. The result of the registration will be out in July next year. I can't imagine my 3 kids going to a Chinese school in future - the heavy load of homework, the endless tuitions and me on the road almost the whole day chauffering them around and sitting down with them till midnight every night to ensure that they finish their homework. I shudder thinking of this life.
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