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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sherilyn And Her Terrorizing Threes

I remember that just before Alycia turned 3 yo, she mellowed down tremendously. She changed into a more likeable toddler who is more obedient and takes instructions well. Her temper tantrums and melt downs were also reduced tremendously. With Sherilyn, it's a completely different story. She has transformed from her Terrible Twos phase to a real Terrorizing and Torturous Threes phase. Apart from her frequent puking episodes, Sherilyn is very disobedient, turns deaf to my instructions most of the time or switches to selective obedience mode, is extremely mischievous and active, is destructive, wants things done her way all the time which really gets on my nerve. I get so pissed off with her disobedience and stubbornness that I am yelling at her and threatening her most of the time. Distraction and sweet talks no longer work when she wants things done her way.

Her eating habit is still the same - she eats no meat and rice (but likes fried rice) but goes crazy over bread and noodles - plain noodles that is and won't touch any meat in the bowl, except for a few fishballs and a few strands of vege. It's a battle during meal times but if there's a bowl of noodles or a plate of sandwiches placed on the dining table, mealtime will be a breeze for us as she will eat them on her own without any fuss.

I wonder when Sherilyn will get over her Terrorizing Threes phase and learn to eat a proper meal without any fuss, like Alycia. When my third baby arrives, I will not have the time or patience to sit at the dining table for 1-2 hours every meal to coax her to eat.
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