Health Freak Mommy: Sherilyn Is Finally Eating Meat!


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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sherilyn Is Finally Eating Meat!

I can't believe that Sherilyn is starting to like to eat meat. Last week I bought a Terriyaki roast chicken for dinner from Jaya Jusco @ Mid Valley. I did not intend to let Sherilyn try the chicken as she has never liked chicken meat. While we were all eating the roast chicken with rice for dinner, Sherilyn who was eating sandwiches asked to try the chicken since she saw her cheh cheh enjoying the chicken. Sherilyn has a tendency to follow her cheh cheh Alycia in everything that she says and does, most of the time. So I gave her a small piece of chicken, but nope, Sherilyn wanted a bigger piece.... and I gave in. I was surprised that she loved the chicken and kept asking for more and more! I found out that Sherilyn actually loves to eat meat that is very well marinated, i.e. salty and sweet and not too tough for her to swallow. Since that day, I have been introducing meat to her every now and then and so far, she's been accepting the meat, provided they are coated with lots of sauce.

Alycia and Sherilyn attacking and savouring the Terriyaki roast chicken.

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