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Monday, March 31, 2008

Sherilyn Trying To Fight For Attention?

Sherilyn has been really hard on me lately. She cries super easily, especially when any of her demands are not met instantly. She is still resisting our new maid - she only wants to sit next to me during meal times, she does not allow the maid to feed her, only wants me to bathe her and only wants me to wash her bum. When our maid tries to be helpful and feeds her, Sher tends to scold the maid and turn her head away. During meal times, she does not even allow me to read the newspapers as she will push her chair right next to me (with her chair almost touching mine) and place her bowl on top of my newspapers. When I pushed her bowl a little further, she will start wailing. She is really breathing down my neck and not giving me any space to breathe with her constant whining, whims and fancies. The Chinese say that she is trying to 'charng far' (which literally means fighting for attention from the new baby) with her soon-to-arrive new baby sister. Fortunately, Alycia is not at all like Sherilyn now. She has 'sarng seng' (matured in thoughts) so much and does not give me much problems now.
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