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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Shower Time Accident

About 2 years ago when my former maid just started to work with us, she gave me many heart attacks. She was really careless when it came to taking care of the kids. Sherilyn had hurt herself countless times under her care. I remember once, she scalded Alycia’s body with hot water from the shower when she turned on the shower that has a single handle. She had forgotten that if the lever points to red, it means hot and blue means cold and without testing the water first, she turned on the shower with Alycia directly under the shower. Alycia went yelling and yelping in pain. Luckily, her skin was only a little red and she wasn’t seriously hurt in the accident as I put her under running cold water for more than 10 minutes. For our new home, I will be fixing shower faucets with double handles in our bathrooms – one handle for cold water and one for hot water so that my maid will not get confused.
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