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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sometimes She Can Be As Good As An Angel

On some mornings, Sherilyn will wake up being cranky and cry. Some mornings when she wakes up, she will reject my maid when she tries to bring her to the toilet to have her diaper removed and bum washed up. And on some mornings, she can be really angelic....

Yesterday morning, Sherilyn was really angelic. She had woken up at 7:30am, which was earlier than usual. After drinking her milk and being washed up by my maid, she sat at her desk quietly.

When I came closer to her, I saw her practising her writing skills in her exercise book. I was really touched to see her so kwai, doing writing without being told, and without bothering me. If only she could be so angelic everyday, throughout the day!
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