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Monday, March 17, 2008

Sweet Cherry Jogger

I saw this jogger at Jaya Jusco, Mid Valley last week and wanted to purchase it immediately so that I can start my daily jogging regimen again after delivering my 3rd baby. The price is RM400+ and there is now a 20% discount. I now have 2 old strollers at home and I used to put Alycia and Sherilyn in the stroller to go jogging with me in the morning whenever they woke up early together with me. However, pushing a 15kg+ toddler (then) on a stroller while jogging is a big feat and completing 30 mins of running whilst pushing a toddler is considered no mean feat. Running uphill pushing a toddler in a stroller would send me huffing and panting. The next day, my hands would ache. A stroller is only for strolls and its wheels are not designed to be made running on the road, uphill and downhill.

I had wanted to get a good jogger (McLaren or Prego) but the price tag made my jaw dropped (between RM1k - RM6K). If I were having my 1st child, I can still consider getting a branded jogger. Since this baby will be my last child, I want to get something that's cheap.

Has anyone used the Sweet Cherry jogger before? Is it good? Can the wheels survive all the running on the rough tar road, uphill and downhill?
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