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Sunday, March 2, 2008

We All Love Indian Cuisine

Last week when my mum was here, we decided to have Indian food for lunch. So we bought these :

Roti canai tisu, which Alycia and Sherilyn called it cone shaped party hat! They loved the 'edible party hat' so much that they chomped down almost the whole thing themselves. Some Indian restaurants also make tosei tisu and it tastes just as good, especially when it is hot from the pan and crispy.

Tosei, roti pisang and roti canai.

We also bought some chicken kurma which was not very spicy

and Alycia loved it so much that she drank the kurma gravy by the spoonfuls. Luckily she did not have a tummy ache after lunch. Even Sherilyn loved the roti canai and chicken kurma gravy.

It's all in the genes - daddy, mummy, koong koong, granny and mah mah all love Indian food, so does Alycia.

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