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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Apam Craze

I am absolutely crazy over this Apom Guan at Burmah Road, Penang. His apoms are really soft, fluffy, has generous amount of eggs, not sickening sweet and absolutely tasty. The best part is he is selling it at 30sen each. I wonder how he can make a profit by selling it so cheap.

I have been badgering hubs to get the apom even before we arrived in Penang yesterday. After we left the hospital yesterday, we passed by the stall on our way back to the hotel and since there was a place to park his car, hubs decided to get some apoms. And I regretted asking him to get them for me at that hour (around 4pm) coz he waited almost an hour to get his apoms. There were 2 customers ahead of him, one of which was a tour guide who had ordered 100 pieces!

But when I saw how Baby loved the apom, it was all worth the wait. In the car, Baby chomped down one whole apom and once back at our hotel room, she chomped down another half.

The 30 pieces of banana and sweet corn apom....

And I chomped down 5, wanted to chomp down 1 more but tried hard to resist. I skipped running yesterday morning and I had to make sure I eat 250-300 calories less (that's how much I burn each time I run). Input must be less than output! What a health and diet freak I am eh?

Baby enjoying her apom.

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mommy to chumsy said...

1 hour wait for the apom? i wouldn't wait for them. your hubs has lots of patience :D hey, why don't you learn how to make them and you can do it yourself..haahahaha

Anonymous said...

hi shireen, you can also try apom (with "coconut inside") at new lane. Sunway hotel there. the young man apom also quite special. he got pandan flavour.

Merryn said...

ish.. i just came back from Penang and didn't get to try any Apom oso.. :(