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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Heinz Pasta, Heinz Fruit Drink And Yau Char Kuai!

Last week, I went to Babyland to get some stock of Heinz bowled pasta as we will be going to Penang for a holiday soon. These will be really handy for outings and holidays.

Baby only loves bolognaise style or anything that has tomato and mixed herbs but dislikes white sauce pasta. She does not really like milk in her food. She hates cow's milk anyway except fresh human milk :S

I also got this Heinz apple and strawberry puree, which to my surprise Baby loved. I added some water to dilute it though as the puree is quite thick and sweet.

After shopping for baby's stuff, mil requested for Yau Char Kuai, so hubby went to Chow Yang (in SS2) to get the tastiest and 'cleanest' yau char kuai in town. The road side stall is located a few stalls away from Mee Yoke Lim. I could not snap a pic of the stall as there were many cars blocking the stall and the traffic there was quite horrendous.

The gloriously sinful yau char kuai, hum chim peng with red beans filling and khap choong. It's 'clean' coz the oil used to deep fry the flour sticks is fresh and not recycled and 'black'.


LittleLamb said...

This yau char kuai stall is very good. the Q is tremendous..just waiting... n his stall has been there since i was a kid. **grew up in ss2 area*

a&a'smom said...

What a coincidence again as had it for bfast this morning after my 10km run at the stadium!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Sheela... I've always wanted to ask you. How long do you take to complete your 10km run in the stadium? I need at least half an hour to complete 4 - 4.5km run each morning and I run quite fast. I can jog longer but I need to race against time to reach home to check on Baby. You are really good. 10km run is a long distance and you do it everyday! You really hv very good stamina.