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Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Girls Never Fail To Flatline My Heartbeat

Yesterday, Baby flatlined my heartbeat for a few seconds when she jumped from the bed onto the mattress on the floor with rascal #2 lying on the mattress. What made my heartbeat flatline was Baby landed on rascal #2's tummy. The moment she landed on her jie jie's tummy, rascal #2 yelped out and screamed in pain. I sure hope nothing has broken or burst inside rascal #2's tummy. I kept asking her if her tummy hurts and she kept saying no. One good sign is there's no vomitting and no blood in her pee. I kept looking at her panty too, just in case there's blood. 'Thankfully' Baby is lightweight and only weighs a pathetic 9kg. But I can imagine how painful it is having a 9kg weight thrown on your stomach. Fortunately it's Baby who landed on her jie jie's tummy and not vice versa... or I dare not imagine the consequences!

This is how Rascal #2 likes to eat mangoes...
... and I hate the aftermath - juice dribbling everywhere from her mouth to her chin, her chest, her clothes, the table, the floor, her arms and just everywhere!

1 comment:

Chris said...

So cute! There was a show on TV one time that said that the best way to eat a mango is to sit in the bath tub! U can understand why! I usually cut the mango into halves, as close to the seed as possible. Then I score the halves into cube sections, and scoop the flesh out with a spoon. The edges of the seed can be sliced off and eaten. Then the seed can be gnawed at at your leisure!!