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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ribena Ice Lolly

Whenever I'm too busy to entertain my 2 older brats, they will self-entertain themselves. They even 'self-service' themselves to the food and drinks in the kitchen and fridge. They made themselves Ribena ice-lolly here...

While Alycia licked the ice-lolly neatly, rascal #2 used a fork and kept pricking on the ice lolly... then poured the melted Ribena from the cup into a bowl... and created a big, big mess....
She tried to clean up the mess and pulled heaps of toilet paper! I can never ever leave her alone to eat or drink anything, aaarrrghh!!!!

Check out the sticky Ribena spilled everywhere. I told her "that's it, no more Ribena ice-lolly for you, EVER" hahahaha!

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