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Monday, January 25, 2010

Our morning routine

I will wake up at 5:45am every morning, then wake Alycia up at 6am. She drinks a glass of fresh milk painfully (she tells me that she hates to drink milk or anything in the morning) while half asleep on the chair. Then I keep nagging her to hurry up coz we have to be at the lobby to wait for the transporter to pick her up before 7am.

After Alycia leaves for school, I either jog round the neighborhood, work out at the gym or have a dip in the pool. Once I'm home, I wake rascal #2 up and nag her non-stop to hurry up. She's the world's #1 Miss Dilly Dally and Miss No Urgency. If I am not around in the bathroom to supervise her, she will count her hair in the bathroom, play with the goggles that I hang in the bathroom, play with soap, play with toilet papers, play with water, good Lord knows what else she does. She will be late for school, unless I threaten her with the cane. She whines and cries on most mornings and I go through the throes of getting her to drink milk, wash up and dress up every morning on end.

Me leaving the house in the wee hours of the morning with Alycia. Then I went swimming and swam 25 laps. Could have swam longer but as always, time is always not on my side.

My poor baby is so very deprieved of sleep ever since she started attending P1. Shall blog about this in my next post.
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