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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yoke Fook Moon Hong Kong Dim Sum, Ipoh

During our stay in Ipoh recently, we had breakfast at Yoke Fook Moon Hong Kong Dim Sum @ Leong Sin Nam Street. There are 2 other well-know dim sum restaurants along Leong Sin Nam Street, namely the famous Foh San Restaurant and Ming Court Restaurant.

Here're what we dug into at Yoke Fook Moon Hong Kong Dim Sum:

Har gao - very fresh and springy prawns, kwai mei dim sum (which literally means weird taste dim sum in Cantonese and yes, it does taste weird!) and mussles (I find the mussles too tough).

Hong Kong cee cheong fun - nice.

Char siew pau and an assortment of other dim sum - all nice.

Fried fish balls - tasted almost the same in most dim sum restaurants.

Deep fried prawns with mayonaise - nice. There is a very good choice of deep fried items at Yoke Fook Moon Hong Kong Dim Sum and all of them look mouth watering. However, we tried to stay away from deep fried items and ordered mostly steamed items.

Siew loong pau - not nice. The meat was kinda overly cooked, too soft and 'mui', like it wasn't really fresh. I still prefer the siew loong pau from iDragon, Duck King and Din Dai Fung.

This is nice - fish meat on top of fish balls, coated with minced ginger.

Custard pau and lotus paste pau - satisfactory.

Baby was restless and the pen and paper managed to keep her still on the highchair for a while.

Overall, the dim sum is good. This restaurant is full-house on most of the days. On weekends and public holidays, the crowd can be quite crazy. In fact, all the 3 dim sum restaurants there - Foh San, Ming Court and Yoke Fook Moon are as popular and overly crowded on most days.

The damage wasn't very big coz the items were all priced very reasonably (they have to keep it low coz there are 2 stong competitors around) but I can't remember how much the total bill came up to coz my dad settled the bill. Most of the items cost between RM3.50 - RM5.00 per plate.

Address: No. 67-69, Jalan Leong Sin Nam, 30300 Ipoh.
Tel: 05-2416589


LittleLamb said...

after i read yr post earlier *thru mobile*..i then went to hv dim sum... temptations from the pics..eheheh

BoeyJoey said...

Wow wow wow... I looked at your back posts, all about yummy food! Very tempting!!! *salivates*