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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chicken, Abalone, Dried Oysters Porridge

Last Saturday, I cooked chicken, abalone and dried oyster porridge for lunch. Everyone including Baby loved it.

Here's the BIG abalone that I tossed into the pot of porridge, about 15 minutes before serving the porridge. This canned abalone is already pre-cooked and does not require a long time to cook it, else it would turn hard and rubbery. I thinly sliced the abalone before tossing them into the pot of porridge.

The chicken meat was marinated with some sesame seed oil, pepper and sea salt before I dumped it into the porridge and cooked it for about an hour.

I also reheated some of the left over chicken nuggets and fish and chips from New Year's Eve poolside party.

Tonight, I am cooking porridge again. This time, it's porridge with roasted pork ribs (siew chue kwat), chicken drumstick - cut into bite size, dried oysters, a wedge of ginger (to expel wind) and the remaining piece of big abalone (there were 2 pieces in the can), YUMS!

What are you whipping up for dinner tonight?
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