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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crazy Over This VCD

Baby is absolutely head over heels, besotted, crazy, hooked and addicted to this Barney VCD:

Barney's "Let's Go To The Firehouse".

Daddy bought this VCD more than a year ago and it's only last month that I started to play it again. Aly and Sher used to watch this but for a brief period. It was sitting inside the TV console drawer for ages!

Since last month, Baby has been asking for this VCD every single day during spoon-feeding milk (formula) time. She would go to the drawer and single out this VCD and say "house".... not just once a day but twice and sometimes thrice (that's the number of times I spoon-feed her formula milk). I can now memorize all the songs in the VCD and my 2 gals are sick of this VCD to the pit of their guts haha!

Baby fishing out the VCD just before spoon-feeding milk time. As long as she gulps down her spoonfuls of milk and make life breezier for me, I have no problem sacrificing my TV programs. What TV programs? Ooops, I almost forgot that I've not watched a movie or sitcom for aaaaagesssss! Talk about motherhood, it's all about sacrifices.
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