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Friday, January 29, 2010

Daily Morning Struggle

This is what happens when Alycia does not get enough shut eye:

If she sleeps after 10pm, she will be struggling to keep herself awake when I wake her up at 6am sharp in the morning.

Yesterday morning, we were down at the lobby 5 minutes late and the transporter wasn't too happy. Alycia was ready but rascal #2 woke up at 6am, started to whine and fuss and scream and woke Baby up at 6am too. When the other 2 monkeys wake up at the same time, things will go hay wire. I told my maid that from tomorrow onwards, she and me, we must wake up at 5:45am and wake Alycia up before 6am. It's really bad to keep the driver waiting, though we have to pay her RM180 a month.
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