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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fan Cai Xiang Vegetarian Restaurant @ Taman Danau Desa KL

I have never really liked vegetarian food as I find most vegetarian food laden with MSG, high in white flour, starch and oil. There is no meat or garlic to make the food taste good, so obviously the chef relies on a lot on MSG and seasoning.

On hubs' recent birthday (end December), he suggested having vegetarian food. So we went to this vegetarian restaurant at Taman Danau Desa called Fan Cai Xiang for vegetarian food. I was a tad apprenhensive having vegetarian food as I hate the aftermath - the burning desire to drink water from thirst. After eating at this restaurant, I was really amazed and impressed with the food. The dishes were super low on MSG. Some dishes were free from MSG. You will know that the food was very low on MSG coz the food was not salty, not oily, tasted like homecooked and did not leave me running to the kitchen to gulp down glasses of water. I will definitely patronize this restaurant again.

This is the appetizer - a dried tofu appetizer. Nice!

Spinach in superior soup, wolfberries and foo choke (bean curd skin). Nice!

A tofu dish and fried rice. Nice!

Mui choi dish (preserved veggie with bitter gourd and tofu). Nice!

Chap choy (mixed veggie with button mushrooms and dried mushrooms). Average.

Braised yee meen. Nice!

Tofu and tau kan in clay pot. Average.

Sweet and sour 'fish'. The 'fish' was made of dried bean curd sheets. iLike!

Kaya buns. Average.

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