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Monday, January 11, 2010

Fried Hakka Noodles, Cantonese Style

A relative went to Ipoh and brought back some Ipoh Hakka mien (noodles) for us. My mil then whipped up this dish with the noodles:

She shallow pan fried the Hakka mien into crispy noodles... which everyone loved, me inclusive. It's like munching on Mamee snack, can be very addictive!

Then she cooked the sauce for the noodles, which consisted of prawns, shiitake mushrooms, mustard green (sawi), sliced pork and fish cakes. The seasoning used were soy sauce and some dark sauce. She used an egg to thicken up the sauce. The sauce is to be poured on the noodles when it's ready to serve.

Sherilyn my noodles crazed brat whacked a few bowls of noodles...

Even I whacked a bowl of noodles. I don't normally eat Hokkien mien, in fact I don't fancy eating mien, with the exception of vermicelli.

Try this for your kids, they will surely love this dish, especially the crunchy fried mien.
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