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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Preparing Alycia For Primary 1

Today marks the last day of the 6-week long school holidays. Tomorrow marks a brand new chapter in Alycia's life as well as mine. She will be going to Primary 1 at a Chinese school. My precious baby has to wake up at 6am to get ready for school and a private car will pick her up before 7am. I hope she will get used to this brand new routine. I am glad that she enjoyed herself during the 2-day orientation at her school last week.

Last night, I gave her a short lecture of what she is not supposed to do in school, in particular NOT following any Tom, Dick and Harry that is not known to her, in the pretext of picking her up from school. I petrified her a wee bit with exaggerated stories and told her that she will never see mummy again if she ever follows a 'bad person' home. I also told her about accepting candies and food from stranger is like Snow White accepting and eating a poisoned apple. I think I'd sent the message to her and she was almost in tears :S

Here's my precious baby in school uniform. Her hair is still a wee bit too long according to her school's rules and we are supposed to bring her to the hair saloon again to have it trimmed. Else, I'd have to tie it up in a bun O_o!! I also have to get her another pair of shoes as spare.

Happy end of school holidays everyone and here's wishing everyone a great week ahead!
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